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Free shipping throughout the continental United States. Offer ends Friday December 16, 2022
Four New Products to Get Excited About At

Four New Products to Get Excited About At

Every year the toy industry comes up with new and exciting products, but over at, we are staying with the classics. But we are not afraid to change with the times and add some fun along the way.

Hape Dante The Cat

This year, Hape has added to the Pepe Family collection of push-and-go wooden toys with a cat named Dante. Dante the cat loves scooting about with his pals. Just press lightly on his back and watch him roll forward with his tail wagging. The gears inside turn his rubber-rimmed wheels and propel him forward. 

This push-and-go wooden toy is perfect for independent play or with other members of the Pepe and Family toy series. 

Dante is recommended for children 12 months and over. 

Hape Dante the Cat at

Hape Sunny Valley Adventure Dome 

Hape’s Sunny Valley Adventure Dome emerged as the winner in the Preschool category when the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRS) unveiled its 2019 Best Toys for Kids award winners.

Hape’s Sunny Valley Adventure Dome is a 3D magnetic maze. Lily the bird's job is to wake up the whole of Sunny Valley! Use the magnet in Lily's beak to pick up the metal beads and drop them accurately to trigger various surprises. Beads race down red slide and ring the bell waiting at the bottom. The windmill spins when a bead is dropped. Drop the beads and enjoy the trill of them spiraling down the pond. As the beads pass through Tito the Turtle, the gear turns.

Of course this wouldn’t be a Hap toys without Pepe and his Friends: Pepe the puppy, Dante the cat, Lily the bird and Tito the turtle. Children can tell a story about what happens in Sunny Valley. Great for fine motor-skills and storytelling abilities.

Sunny Valley Adventure Dome is recommended for children 24 months and over.

 Hape Sunny Valley Adventure Dome at

Hape Discovery Workbench

Get started on the road to becoming a scientist with this cool inventor's workbench containing over 10 different experiments! As children aged four and over complete each experiment, they will produce a fun new machine to teach them about science. 

Hape’s Discovery Scientific Workbench gives children as young as four the chance to interact with physical world. This 58-piece toy will teach kids about basic physical principles including momentum, pulley drive system and lever principle.

Let the creative experiments stimulate your kid's curiosity and tell the secret of physics. Your little scientist will explore the real world by building and experimenting.

The Discovery Workbench is a great toy for developing logical thinking and an understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) principles.

Hape’s Discovery Scientific Workbench is recommended for children ages four and over.

 Hape Discovery Workbench at

Hape Baby Bird Pull Along

In the Infant and Toddle category, ASTA picked Hape’s Baby Bird Pull Along. Hape's Baby Bird Pull Along can't fly yet, but she loves to stand on her own and take small steps forward.

Use the cord to pull her and she will wobble and flap her wings while making a clapping noise. This bird-themed pull toy is the ideal take-anywhere friend. The wheels on this wooden toy allow the little ones to take a friend with them everywhere they explore.

The wheel rims have a non-slip surface that keeps the wobbly toy steady on polished floors. The bird has a silicone tail.

 Recommended for toddlers 12 months and over.

Hape Happy Bird Pull Along at